2020 Fall Norsebox Reveal, plus exclusive Norsebox Autumn Recipes!

The 2020 Fall Norsebox included products to help you fill your home with the smell of freshly baked Nordic bread, and enjoy a couple exclusive Norsebox Høstbrød recipes with your friends. If you’re looking for the recipes, check out the bottom of this page for the PDFs!

Bread baking is a beautiful part of Nordic culture that we don’t get to see on a daily basis. In the Nordic region, bread quickly became a main food staple and prior to the Industrial Revolution, it’s estimated that most people in the Nordic region would consume 1-2 lbs (½ - 1 kg) of bread per day. Most of this bread was barley or rye based, as both grains grow well in cold Nordic climates.

While historical recipes would occasionally incorporate simple honey or toasted stinging nettles for spice, it wasn’t until later generations that newly imported spices from cloves to cardamom to cinnamon and aniseed started to make an appearance in Autumnal bread recipes. Today, sweet breads and pastries have become not only a food staple but a cultural symbol in many Nordic communities. Bakeries seem to be found on nearly every corner and afternoon fika breaks, where coffee and pastries are shared with friends, are almost mandatory.

Erik Bagger | Steel Bread Bowl | $78

Erik Bagger Bread Bowl

A bread bowl is very practical on the dinner table in the mornings, when the smell of warm bread spreads around the kitchen, and the foundation for a good day is created. But the bread bowl can also be used for many other things. The beautiful design makes it obvious for storage of toys in a kid’s room, or in the hall for keys and other small things. Enjoy your Norsebox HøstBrød with friends, in an elegant and simple bread bowl fit for any occasion.

Normann-Copenhagen | Oak Cutting Board | $70

Normann Copenhagen Oak Cutting Board

Thoughtful details and solid, velvety oak are the main elements of the Part Oak Cutting Board, and not much more is needed. With virtually graphic simplicity, the designer Simon Legald has created a stunning cutting board that unifies decoration and function. The simple details that decorate the cutting board have a functional purpose, while still giving the design an aesthetic value. The board is decorative enough to be stored on the kitchen worktop and can even travel from the kitchen to the dining table to serve up fresh, warm bread.

Click either image to download the PDF recipe card!

Norsebox Recipe - Mini Cardamon Buns Norsebox Recipe - Flatbread


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